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A Cosmic Journey Into Tea

What if intelligent life from well, elsewhere, stumbled on this wild phenomenon of tea, on planet Earth. That’s our concept.

We are here to explore the Tea Cosmos!  After a journey of many clicks, we have discovered a planet that is rich with a variety of tea, and tea experiences.  This is an anthropological study of this wild and wonderful, and totally delicious world of tea.

Boldly brewing where few have dared to steep before
or something…

Join us in this journey of discovery, our mission to seek out and enjoy exotic flavors, both new and familiar, all infused with quality and endorsed by the true tea fanatics at Tea Cosmos, bringing you…

Out of this world tea experiences from the legendary four corners of planet Earth.

Sip long and savor !

There is a whole Universe of tea on this planet, a veritable Tea Cosmos!

A Cosmos of tea flavors, of tea cultures and traditions, a cosmos of tea techniques and technologies and toys!
Tea science and tea cultivation.

There is a world of elaborate preparation methods, some ancient, some modern, many enduring, some involving beautiful ceremonies that blend science and art to enhance the flavors of tea, and to enhance our appreciation and enjoyment of tea experiences.

And then there is the fascinating business of tea, a trade that has flourished for thousands of years, plying the same trade routes as silk, spices, salt and gold.

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