Mission Reports from the Crew

Report from the Human Studies Committee Of course we watch Earthian TV. We’ve been watching for a long and highly amusing time. And let me just say; you guys are incredible! In the last 50 years, you’ve gone from manual typewriters and slide rules (slide rules!) to a supercomputer in your pocket. Just. Amazing. A supercomputer that would fill a room 30 years ago, a supercomputer more powerful than the one NASA used to land on your moon. Amazing. And then. From black and white movies to full color, three dimensional six channel sound IMAX spectaculars. We absolutely love Hollywood.More please
This is Mission Control, the spacious nerve center of Teaship Cosmos. From here, we coordinate all the activities of our exploration TEAms and direct the sourcing of exotic tea and teaware for our shoppe, all the while, keeping the ship on course and the entire venture on mission: Our mission at Tea Cosmos is to explore all that is fun and interesting about tea on planet earth. It’s an anthropological exploration of this wild phenomenon of “tea drinking” that has been extremely popular on this planet, apparently for about as long as humans have been able to boil water. So,More please
Explore With Us A Cosmic Journey Into Tea What if intelligent life from well, elsewhere, stumbled on this wild phenomenon of tea, on planet Earth. That’s our concept. We are here to explore the Tea Cosmos! After a journey of many clicks, we have discovered a planet that is rich with a variety of tea, and tea experiences. This is an anthropological study of this wild and wonderful, and totally delicious world of tea. Boldly brewing where few have dared to steep before or something… Join us in this journey of discovery, our mission to seek out and enjoy exoticMore please
There’s something about tea that just feels fancy. Perhaps it’s due to ceremony, or history, or etiquette, or those adorably tiny sandwiches served alongside. Or maybe it’s about ritual. The whistle of the kettle, the dunking of the tea bag (or, if you’re really fancy, this), the addition of lemon or sugar or milk. In any case, it’s certain that tea has a certain power — a certain class — that it brings to the table. Whether you like your tea sweet, iced or blooming, one thing’s for sure: No tea time is complete without some sustenance. Sure, you canMore please
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