Jasmine Pearls


Simply exquisite jasmine green tea! These tightly hand rolled pearls of jasmine scented tea are among the finest and most resilient jasmine teas we’ve encountered. Because of the shape, the jasmine scent within each leaf is preserved from evaporation for amazing floral tea experiences time after time.

We don’t recommend keeping your tea around this long (and who can?) but we recently tasted some of these pearls that had been in the pantry for over 10 years. The floral notes still burst forth as the pearls unfold in the cup, for an amazing trip through the floral and tea gardens of China, right in your cup.

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The first pearl jasmine tea was made in north Fujian province in China. This is where our Jasmine Pearl is grown and processed. This green tea is shaped into tiny pearls, hence the name. These aromatic little gems unfurl slowly during the brewing process in a slow, sensual dance that is part of the pleasure this splendid tea provides.

Jasmine tea is very popular with those who are just beginning to appreciate fine tea. Jasmine Pearls were introduced to the U.S. in 1997 and quickly became the most popular Jasmine tea in North America.  In China each Jasmine Pearl is shaped by hand using just the bud.  When brewed, these little Pearls open like flowers blooming in the Spring, bursting with mellow green tea flavor and the heady, intoxicating scent of Jasmine. High Mountain Spring Green Tea is shaped into pearls and is allowed to rest until July, when the Jasmine flowers bloom. The pearls are then combined with the scent of the Jasmine. This combination of tea and Jasmine scent is done a remarkable five times to produce the finest Pearl Jasmine tea.

Though we start with green tea, the final tea is technically a lightly oxidized scented oolong.

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