Gyokoru is perhaps the most highly revered type of Japanese green tea. Pampered tea plants are grown in partial shade with only the tender young buds picked and quickly dried. This tea delivers one of the most complex brewed tea ‘liquors’ (brewed tea liquid) of any green tea. Flavors of light green vegetables, coy sweet-aromatic spice and inspiring freshness. It is delightful day or night, cup after cup.

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The highest grade of Japanese green tea, it is vibrant green in the cup and on the tongue. This is the tea that matcha is made from, the apex of soft spring green tea. The sun-deprived leaves are higher in chlorophyll resulting in the vivid, deeply green color. Brew cool at 175 degrees. We like to brew gyokoru in several, subsequent short brews, to appreciate the unfolding of the layers of flavor in this remarkable tea.


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