Double Walled Grip Tumbler with lid and infuser


This is a new classic, an all glass tea tumbler with silicone sleeve for a comfortable, secure grip. It’s another of our superior brewing/sipping combos. From lab to table, it’s entirely thermal resistant borosilicate glass and stainless steel. Add tea, pour water, remove basket after a few minutes and place in the lid, which serves as a saucer for the brewing basket. Double-walled tea tumbler keeps the tea hot for extended enjoyment.

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All in one brewer for home and office. It is literally all you need to make a superb cup of tea to enjoy at your leisure. The double wall glass construction keeps the tea hot much longer than teacup or mug. The lid, which maintains optimal brewing temperature, is the perfect size to rest the infuser once the tea is brewed. The glass lid is loose, so this is not a travel cup.

Pure silicone sleeve for secure grip. Because of the double-walled construction, the outer glass never gets too warm. The silicone grip sleeve stays even cooler. Oh and looks cool as well.

The brewing basket is rigid stainless steel, large enough that the leaves aren’t crowded and designed to allow free water access for precision infusion.

Beautiful and functional, this meets our exacting standards for the tea purist.

  • Only glass and stainless steel touch the tea
  • The leaves have room to move during brewing, for better flavor depth
  • Excellence in design

This is such a modern take on classic traditional design. An elegant mug in borosilicate glass with handle and with the double wall construction, keeps tea hot for prolonged tea sipping nirvana.

If you could only have one cup/pot/brewer/warmer combination, this is the one.

Brew it strong. Carry on.