Decaf Ceylon Black Tea


This is fabulous declawed black tea. I remember when decaffeinated tea tasted like it had already been brewed, like reusing an old teabag.

Not this one ! State of science decaffeination using liquid CO2 spares every bit of flavor in this excellent Ceylon tea. It delivers a smooth, dark cup of tea with a mild fruity character, and stands up very well to milk.


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What a find ! Finally an after dinner tea that doesn’t crank us up, but thrills us with warmth and flavor. Perfect to go along with dessert or for quaffing in the evening, or just anytime you want a truly fine cup of tea without the lift.

CO2 process decaff tea leaves no residues in the tea. It is decaffeinated under high pressure (the only way CO2 can be liquid), and when the pressure’s off, so is the CO2. Oh, and by the way, the CO2 is recaptured to use again and again, in case you were wondering.

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