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The Ultimate Darjeeling Tea (in our opinion, OK?) is from the famous Risheehat Estate located in one of most beautiful valleys in Darjeeling, and famous for growing the best organic teas. The steep land topography, rich and fertile soil, temperature and rainfall are ideal for growing the best of organic Darjeeling teas.

This is an amazing tea, light in color but rich in the distinctive flavor of the best Summer Darjeelings. Certified Organic and Fair Trade in the dedicated spirit of sustainabiliTEA !

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The Ultimate Darjeeling second flush tea. Why the Ultimate? It’s organic and fair trade and certified to the gills, if tea had gills. This is a stellar Darjeeling (and that’s from star people!), a second flush, which means Summer and brimming with the distinctive flavor note that has branded Darjeeling “the champagne of teas.” Generally referred to as a muscatel note (a wine made from the muscat grape), it just doesn’t taste much like that grape to us. But once you know great Darjeeling teas, you always expect this flavor (but don’t always get it). Darjeeling teas are valuable and we’re a bit distressed to report that more Darjeeling is sold than is produced. Oops. Some buyers are not getting Darjeeling tea at all.

Well, we are. We know the estate and our buyer gets it directly from them.

Oh, and also, check out the commitment by this group to superior environmental stewardship and high ethical standards that has earned them all these certifications.

Risheehat certifications

Want to know more about this remarkable producer? Here’s their brochure (pdf) risheehat

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