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Mission Control

This is Mission Control, the spacious nerve center of Teaship Cosmos. From here, we coordinate all the activities of our exploration TEAms and direct the sourcing of exotic tea and teaware for our shoppe, all the while, keeping the ship on course and the entire venture on mission:

Our mission at Tea Cosmos is to explore all that is fun and interesting about tea on planet earth.
It’s an anthropological exploration of this wild phenomenon of “tea drinking” that has been extremely popular on this planet, apparently for about as long as humans have been able to boil water. So, on a mission from planet uh, well who cares? We’re here now, from very, very far away.

Welcome! This is your captain speaking, from Mission Control.

You’ll find all the latest news and entertaining tidbits on the Captain’s Blog. And you’ll find lots of interesting (to us, anyway) reports from our exploration teams.

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