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Earthian Art and TV

Report from the Human Studies Committee

Of course we watch Earthian TV. We’ve been watching for a long and highly amusing time.

And let me just say; you guys are incredible! In the last 50 years, you’ve gone from manual typewriters and slide rules (slide rules!) to a supercomputer in your pocket.

Just. Amazing. A supercomputer that would fill a room 30 years ago, a supercomputer more powerful than the one NASA used to land on your moon. Amazing.

And then. From black and white movies to full color, three dimensional six channel sound IMAX spectaculars. We absolutely love Hollywood. And Bollywood!

“What a planet!” Oh yeah, that’s a quote from your Kurt Vonnegut, one of our favorites. Yes, we love your writers too. And actors. Directors and cinematographers, videographers. Musicians !! Dancers! Painters and sculpters! We’re in LOVE. Earth has SO much art.

We do have a special place in our horks for American TV though. So fun and revealing and trashy. Captain Kirk! Ensign Uhuru! And of course our favorite, Mr. Spock.

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