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Gorgeous. Must. Have. This.

It works just like a sand hourglass: first you pop one cup and put tea leaf and hot water in it; twist the timer to set the steeping time. The minute indicators can be read from both directions; flip to start the steeping; the tea is being steeped; just like the sand in the hourglass the liquid tea will drain into the bottom cup when the steeping time is up. It visually tells the user the tea is ready; remove the top parts and enjoy your tea.

Unfortunately, it does not appear to be for sale, just a design concept. OK, famous designer Pengtao Yu, we’re ready to add this beauty to our tea toys collection.

UPDATE: It’s an award-winning design, and lots of folks want to buy it, but it is still not for sale. You can get on their (probably endless) waiting list HERE




This new age tea infuser is cute to look at and tremendously eases the task of stirring the tea. To use it one has to first fill the holed container with all the ingredients needed and then cap it with the lid that is provided; then place the infuser into your cup of hot water and gently blow.

The unique shape of the lid causes the Chigra to spin allowing the rich ingredients to properly mix with the water thus facilitating the making of that perfect cup of tea. The Chigra being simple in design and easy to use makes brewing tea fun and I wouldn’t be surprised if kids used it more that their parents.

30+ Modern and Stylish but Creative Tea Infusers and Tea Strainers


Good play on words

Great line

Sturdy, robust and dishwasher-safe, the silicone Tea Steeper won’t rust or tarnish either! A modern alternative to the old chain and ball.

Nice (emphasis mine)

The Tea Steeper


Cool Coffee Brewer

Is there nothing new/retro under the sun? They’ve got the look and feel
Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower Coffee and Tea Maker

The Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower Coffee and Tea Maker will delight mad scientist coffee and/or tea fanatics who favor quality over quantity.

A lot of us in North America are having a hard time dealing with the egg-scrambling, record-high temperatures. It’s so hot that hot coffee fiends are converting to iced coffeeholism. The Yama uses ice water to “brew” coffee grounds and will yield cold but deliciously smooth coffee without the use of electricity.

Video too

Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower Coffee and Tea Maker | GeekAlerts


Wow. Transformation of the Gourd and Bombilla

Wara Tea Set by Margaux Keller
bombilla style tea set

Inspired by Maté, a traditional South American infused drink, Margaux Keller has created a new way of drinking tea with glass straws and an oversized tea glass.

Wara Tea Set by Margaux Keller


Brew it strong. Carry on.