Our History

Welcome to Tea Cosmos

It’s a pretty simple story. Two long-time Amigos from the front range of Colorado and with decades of pioneering (big word for ‘work’) in the global tea field – kitchens, labs and cafes – decided it was time to share their prize brewed beverages, botanical knowledge and tea-popular-culture with everyone.  Tea Cosmos is a fun, friendly tea-centric resource (whoa, does that mean website?) offering hard-to-find teas (and herb tea), tea science, raw commentary and outright oddities.

Our entire Tea Cosmos TEAm is extremely passionate – a little crazed is more accurate – about the ever-expanding galaxies of tea, herbal tea and just about anything brewed with hot or cold water. The Tea Cosmos mission is one of relentless exploration and sharing of the enjoyment of tea. We explore the known tea universe for the best and most intriguing of teas, design and play with traditional and more avant-garde teas, herbal teas and accessories 24/7. With a combined seventy five years of hands-on-tea experience we’re still not ready to call ourselves masters or gurus (maybe drenched tea fanatics); when we see tea promoted with a “one way is the correct way” approach, we find that boring, if not silly.

Tea Cosmos simply enjoys sharing the exceptional diversity of tastes, styles, culture and ritual, technology and toys, and the health and well-being afforded by brewing and savoring great teas daily.

The sky is not the limit with our endless tea explorations in the Tea Cosmos. We think of it as the starting portal for an amazing universe of sensory enjoyment, affordable well-being support and cross-cultural understanding. We’re also passionate about helping to improve sustainability and purity of tea – field-to-cup.

The intrinsic beauty of tea is its limitless potential for enjoyment based on hundreds of factors: origin, processing technique, blending (or not), preparation and serving method.  Top all of this off with some succinct (…no promises) input on tea history, real science and popular tea culture, and you have a good idea about what alchemical canyons, treasured texts and simmering brews  you can access here at the Tea Cosmos.

…so turn on your kettle, sit back with your favorite brew and head on in to roam the cosmos…the Tea Cosmos.


Brew it strong. Carry on.