Tea Cosmos

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There is a whole Universe of tea, a veritable Tea Cosmos;

A Cosmos of tea flavors, of tea cultures and traditions, a cosmos of tea techniques and technologies and toys!
Tea science and tea cultivation.

There is a world of elaborate preparation methods, some ancient, some modern, many enduring, some involving beautiful ceremonies that blend science and art to enhance the flavors of tea, and to enhance our appreciation and enjoyment of tea experiences.

And then there is the fascinating business of tea, a trade that has flourished for thousands of years, plying the same trade routes as silk, spices, salt and gold.

A Cosmic Journey Into Tea

We are setting out, with you, to explore the Tea Cosmos!  Like cosmic explorers, we have discovered a planet that is rich with a variety of tea experiences.  We are embarking on a mission of discovery, an anthropological exploration of this wild and wonderful, oh, and totally delicious world of tea.

Boldly brewing where few have dared to steep before, or something…

Join us in this journey of discovery, our mission to seek out and enjoy exotic flavors, both new and familiar, all infused with quality and endorsed by the true tea fanatics at Tea Cosmos, bringing you…

Out of this world tea experiences from the legendary four corners of planet Earth.

Sip long and savor !

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Welcome to Tea Cosmos

Explore With Us A Cosmic Journey Into Tea What if intelligent life from well, elsewhere, stumbled on this wild phenomenon of tea, on planet Earth. That’s our concept. We are here to explore the Tea Cosmos!  After a journey of many clicks, we have discovered a planet that is rich with a variety of tea, and […]


Mission Control

This is Mission Control, the spacious nerve center of Teaship Cosmos. From here, we coordinate all the activities of our exploration TEAms and direct the sourcing of exotic tea and teaware for our shoppe, all the while, keeping the ship on course and the entire venture on mission: Our mission at Tea Cosmos is to explore all that […]


Earthian Art and TV

  Report from the Tea Culture, Ceremony and Cuisine Committee Of course we watch Earthian TV. We’ve been watching since long before TV was invented here.   And let me just say; you guys are incredible! In the last 50 years, you’ve gone from manual typewriters and slide rules (slide rules!) to a supercomputer in your pocket. […]

The Week Magazine discovers Cooking With Tea

The Week Magazine discovers Cooking With Tea

Very fun article with recipes, about cooking with tea. And by the way, great news source too. 9 ways to cook with tea – The Week There’s something about tea that just feels fancy. Perhaps it’s due to ceremony, or history, or etiquette, or those adorably tiny sandwiches served alongside. Or maybe it’s about ritual. […]


Tea Video of the Moment. Tea Time in the Ukraine

This is the first in a series of videos exploring the many ways of tea. From elaborate ceremonies to showy displays to the everyday tea rituals of people all over planet Earth, we love exploring the wild variety of ways tea is prepared and served. This ethereal video is an open air tea “cafe” with […]


Gorgeous. Must. Have. This.

It works just like a sand hourglass: first you pop one cup and put tea leaf and hot water in it; twist the timer to set the steeping time. The minute indicators can be read from both directions; flip to start the steeping; the tea is being steeped; just like the sand in the hourglass […]


Tea Trekker on 2013 Teas

From Tea Trekker 2013 Harvest Tea The new tea harvest is well underway in several important locations, and we will be receiving first-of-the-season tea from China soon!  Again this year – even though the season is running earlier than usual – we expect to be among the first select tea merchants in the US to […]



This new age tea infuser is cute to look at and tremendously eases the task of stirring the tea. To use it one has to first fill the holed container with all the ingredients needed and then cap it with the lid that is provided; then place the infuser into your cup of hot water […]

The Tea Steeper

Good play on words

Great line Sturdy, robust and dishwasher-safe, the silicone Tea Steeper won’t rust or tarnish either! A modern alternative to the old chain and ball. Nice (emphasis mine)

Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower Coffee and Tea Maker

Cool Coffee Brewer

Is there nothing new/retro under the sun? They’ve got the look and feel The Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower Coffee and Tea Maker will delight mad scientist coffee and/or tea fanatics who favor quality over quantity. A lot of us in North America are having a hard time dealing with the egg-scrambling, record-high temperatures. It’s so hot that […]


Brew it strong. Carry on.