A Cosmic Journey Into the World of Tea

It’s a tea shop wrapped in a science fiction story. It’s a sci-fi twisted online tea shop. We’re pretty sure it’s the only one.

E-tailing of fine teas from Planet Earth.

What if intelligent life from well, elsewhere, stumbled on this wild phenomenon of tea, on planet Earth. This planet, the wild ride of humans through time, and also through time, the tea leaves, the drink second only to water on the planet.

After a journey of many clicks, we have discovered this amazing planet and its remarkable peoples. And we have discovered TEA! The leaves, the history, the science, the health, the growing and artistry and ceremony. What an amazing story, the exotic, uplifting, and totally delicious world of tea.

Boldly brewing where few have dared to steep before
or something…

Join us in this journey of discovery, our mission to seek out and enjoy exotic flavors, both new and familiar, all infused with quality and endorsed by the true tea fanatics at Tea Cosmos